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Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 10:45:49 PDT

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    I've seen the Shuttle reenter over Northern California 3 times when its been
    launched into a 39 degree inclination orbit (typical of some "microgravity"
    missions).  This prompted me to gather some information on the reentry
    trajectory, etc.  Anyone interested in the files (Excel, etc.), send me and
    E-mail and I'll forward them directly.
    Shuttle "entry interface", or the point where it first starts "feeling" the
    atmosphere is at 400,000 feet.  The Shuttle starts to develope a plasma wake
    a bit after entry inferface and to decelerate.
    On the reentries I've seen, the Shuttle crossed the West Coast at 235,000
    ft. travelling over 16,000mph (Mach 25!).  It stays close to 200,000 ft.
    most the way across the US, generating considerable heat, lift (and drag!)
    until it passes Houston, TX.  After that, it drops rapidly --  no longer
    generating an ion trail about the time it is over the Gulf of Mexico about
    half way between Houston and the Cape.
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    > > > The theory is that electromagnetic waves interact with metallic
    > > > objects on the ground (near the observer) which then act as
    > > > transducers.  Thus the end result is sound, but the sound
    > > > waves have not had to travel very far.  --Rob
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    > > There have been reports of persons hearing a humming noise from
    > > lampposts during Shuttle reentries (!).
    > At what altitude of the Shuttle (if known)?
    > Jonathan Wojack
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