Re: still no tle for 26373 ?

From: Igor Lissov (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 23:57:15 PDT

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    >Below you will find the latest tle's from OIG.  The UNK is a Gorizont
    >satellite which was launched with a Proton rocket.
    >But there is still no elset for 26373 which I believe is the Proton third
    >stage.  Did USSPACECOM miss this one ?  I suppose it has made at least some
    >1 26372U 00029A   00159.56606712  .00005302  00000-0  93530-2 0    93
    >2 26372  48.7860 308.3316 7194860   0.3811 359.7988  2.32663418    34
    >26373  No TLE found.
    26372 is not the Gorizont. USSPACECOM failed to correctly identify
    the object because this time Proton was launched with new upper
    stage Briz-M (aka Breeze-M). Initial low orbit was achieved after
    the first Briz-M burn (hence the absence of usual B and C pieces,
    Proton third stage and adapter). Burns 2 and 3 resulted in the 48.8 deg
    GTO. In this orbit, Briz-M external tank was discarded and it is this tank
    catalogued as 26372. Then burn 4 was made to achieve quasi-
    geostationary orbit. Both Gorizont #45L and Briz-M are there
    Igor Lissov
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