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Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 22:45:28 PDT

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    > > You can generate a list of several hundred passes visible in an evening.
    > > How would you do that with a graphics program?
    >                            Satellite Viewing Opportunities
    >                                 -- Local Time ---  --------- At Culmination ---------
    > Sat#  Satellite Name  Date      Rise   Cul.  Set   Azmuth  Elev.  Range %Illum   Mag. Qual
    > 25018 LACROSSE 3 R    06/07/00  23:04 23:08 23:11   318.4  51.6   553.2   36.3    2.6  Yel
    Here's the additional info from QUICKSAT.
     H  M  S Tim Azi ElC Dir  Mag Dys F  Hgt Shd  Rng  R A Dec RCS Name
     9 38 36  .5 233 29C 268  4.7  28 0  359 286  654 1050 -4.8   UARS
    10  3 41  .7 162 25C 273  3.8  28 3  648 116 1223 1523-22.7   AtlCentur2 30
            v 4 per 36. 2/95      <--- (Comment Line)
    DYS tells how old the elements are.
    TIM indicates how far from the predicted time an actual pass may be. I 
    found that often helped ID a sat.
    DIR = which direction the sat is moving. Clicking individual sats 
    would not be helpful.
    HeiGhT above earth. All distances have choice of miles or km.
    SHaDow indicates how far sat is from eclipse.
    RA/Dec. Position to plot on starmap.
    Ability to have your personal comment line print with any sat.
    > Right, I usually go to heavens-above for a quick look, but SatSpy is great for dimmer satellites like the NOSS triplets, for zooming
    > in on the skytrace and see exactly what time and where in the sky to look.  I don't know if other programs can do this...  Skymap
    > maybe?
    I believe Sky Map was the first and best in showing skytrace. Try it.
    Links to QUICKSAT and SKY MAP are at my web site, below.
    I also just updated my Sky Views site with sky observing info for June.
    Jay Respler
       Satellite Tracker * Early Typewriter Collector
               Freehold, New Jersey
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