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From: Steven Rogers (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 18:40:51 PDT

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    >While it is true that few people have heard electrophoic sounds, the
    >mechanism is well documented. It is rather easy to record the extremely low
    >frequency ELF radiation from the plasma trail of the reentering Space
    >Shuttle. You can even do it with a long wire antenna plugged right into the
    >mic input of a small cassette recorder with no amplifier. Plans and results
    >have been published in the past in Sky and Telescope magazine, Scientific
    >American and other journals.
    >The frequency is 50-100hz or lower and quite strong which would be
    >consistent with generating audible vibrations.
    I experienced this once at a "star party" with about 15 serious
    observers. Some people heard it, others didn't. I'd never heard
    of the effect at the time. As it was happening, there was the
    typical "ahhhs" from the group - then after it was over, some
    of us were struck by the sudden realization: hey, that's not
    possible! It wasn't a 100hz hum, it was more like a white noise
    hiss.  I decided that it was just the power of suggestion,
    since I had no idea how it could be possible. Years later, I
    ran across the electrophonic info and realized that's what we
    had experienced. There was a 100 foot long wire right over our
    heads (my shortwave antenna) and a 20 foot tall metal lamp post
    nearby, I was probably wearing glasses (I don't recall if they
    were actually on my head at the time).
    I realize that's just another anecdote for most people, but having
    heard it, I'm convinced that its *something*.
    Steve Rogers
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