Re: Question about stopwatches.

Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 16:02:59 PDT

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    > I use a light binocular, not so powerfull, just 7x35; that is a
    > magnification of 7
    > and a objective(forward lens) of 35 mm diameter.
    So do I.
    > As it is hard to watch the sky standing, I use an adjustable 
    > gardenchair to
    > sit
    > in. 
    I'm seriously considering buying one now!
    >When fully put down I can easily look straight up.
    > When observing long passes I regularly switch over to the other hand 
    > to hold
    > the bino. The stopwatch is on a cord around my neck hanging down. 
    > I'm quite
    > familiar with it and can "feel" which button to push for starting 
    > and timing
    > lap-
    > times. 
    How much do stopwatches with the ability to record ten's of lap times
    >I stop the time at a known time reading from a shortwave 
    > clock,
    > synchro-
    > nized every minute by radiowaves from a German Radio station near 
    > Frankfurt.
    Additionally, how much could I get a shortwave-only radio for?  I have
    one that covers six radio bands including shortwave, but it was built
    when Americans were lunar explorers.  I can hardly tune any station in.
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