Re: Electrophonic sounds

Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 15:58:27 PDT

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    > > In my time as a meteor observer, I recall that some observers 
    > reported
    > > hearing noises only a few seconds after the meteor burnup.  
    > Obviously, it
    > > could not be sound.  There is no definitive answer (NASA does zero
    > > research in meteors.  It basically ignores the entire field.), but 
    > the
    > > latest theory is an electrostatic event.
    > I believe the term you mean is "electrophonic".  As you
    > mentioned, bright bolides can produce electrophonic sounds
    > that are more-or-less coincident with the meteor observation.
    > The theory is that electromagnetic waves interact with metallic
    > objects on the ground (near the observer) which then act as
    > transducers.  Thus the end result is sound, but the sound
    > waves have not had to travel very far.  --Rob
    Yes, you're right.  Nomenclature mix-up.
    Jonathan Wojack
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