Re: Accurate Lat/Long Info

From: Ron Lee (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 11:33:04 PDT

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    Here is another source for NGS markers.  
    Also, the vertical accuracy of GPS is ABOUT 1.5 times
    the horizontal accuracy.  This is because you can get
    satellites signals from below you but you can get satellites
    all around you to help with the horizontal position.
    I would caution folks not to accept all the low accuracy
    values unless you take a full day (or more) of data.
    Typically accuracy is mentioned as the data points 
    containing 95% of the observed points.  At this time I
    am accepting the 7-9 meter values I quoted earlier
    because these are 24 hour measurements.
    I have not yet "surveyed" my normal observing position 
    with my GPS but I suspect I am plenty close as it is.
    Certainly GPS now allows a person to observe from a new
    site without having to get topo maps, etc.
    Ron Lee
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