FW: Accurate Lat/Long Info

From: MALEY, PAUL D. (JSC-DO) (paul.d.maley1@jsc.nasa.gov)
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 05:34:50 PDT

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    I have been running some tests on a benchmark at NASA JSC and, using a
    Garmin GPS III Plus, the single frequency channel output shows accurate to
    3-5m normally.  Earlier in May, I resurveyed a site north of Ciudad
    Insugentes, Mexico and comparing a Trimble Geo Explorer with the Garmin GPS
    III, the two receivers placed side by side showed accuracies of a similar
    nature.  Next week I hope to be on Pikes Peak in Colorado to resurvey a site
    where a solar eclipse was observed in 1878 from the top of the peak. 
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