Re: Accurate Lat/Long Info

From: Jim King (
Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 16:30:37 PDT

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    Matson, Robert wrote:
    > > I don't know if you already know about it but I found this site:
    > >
    > > You put in your address and it spits out your lat/long down to six
    > > places, along with other info about your address.  It seems incredibly
    > > accurate for my location, not that I really need it that close but I
    > suppose
    > > its good to know.
    > Unfortunately, the coordinate system is NAD-27 which is
    > displaced by tens of meters from WGS-84 (the system used
    > by SGP/SDP4), rendering those last three decimal places
    > meaningless.  The "X" that it marked for my address was
    > also a good 100 meters north of my house, or ~0.0009 degrees.
    > So it's not perfect.  Still, if you don't have a GPS unit
    > or a USGS 7.5' map, it's better than nothing.  --R
    Even worse for me:  The NAD-27 position it gave for my house is 575 meters
    from my actual WGS-84 position.
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