Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 13:55:42 PDT

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    On the passed few nights the UARS satellite has made passes through SoCal,and on every pass it flared to at least -1.5,as bright as Sirius
    for 30 seconds and 3 each pass.About 6 months ago,I observed this UARS,
    and it never behaved like this.It was always a sustained magnitude
    of 2.5 at zenith,and 3.5 at 45 degrees up.Has anyone else seen this
    satellite act like this.Well if not try to see it,its quite a show.
    Hey maybe it will be another SL-16 Rocket that flashes 1 to 2 times
    a second huh?I'm going to observe it tonight with a pass of 87 degrees
    in the NE sky.I'll get back to you and give "The Update Of UARS"
    at 10pmPDT.               -
    Happy Skies!  ///////////-_-////////////__________________________O
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