Re: Satellites making supersonic noises.

Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 14:44:27 PDT

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    > The question has popped in and out of my mind for many years is do
    > very Low Orbiting satellites make supersonic noises until I saw a 
    > very fast pass of #13576 over my friends house recently.about 25 
    > seconds after the
    > pass there was a very soft to medium noise almost like a supersonic 
    > jet.
    > There were no planes around at this time and I noticed that the 
    > satellite is on a reentry path on the 6th.Could it be in the upper 
    > atmosphere and seperating the molocules making a supersonic noise?
    What exactly do you mean by "supersonic"?  Sound cannot travel faster
    than sound.
    At sea level, it takes about 2 to 3 seconds for sound to travel 1
    At higher altitudes (lower atmospheric density), I imagine the speed
    would decrease.
    Jonathan Wojack
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