Unidentified Geosat

From: Brian Hunter (bkh@chem.queensu.ca)
Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 11:32:29 PDT

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    While prowling the the geostationary belt, I found a satellite that is not
    in either alldat.tle or in Jonathan McDowell's geostationary orbit catalog.
    It lies between Intelsat 709 (23915 96035A) and Intelsat 706 (23571 95023A).
    From timings of passage of stars, it is 0.55 degrees east of 706.  That puts
    it at 52.41 W.
    For anyone who wishes to check my arithmetic, a star reaches the UNID 131
    seconds before it reaches Intelsat 706.
    When I first observed it, back in December 1999, I assumed it was a very
    slow drifter.  I spent the winter in the UK and didn't confirm the beast
    until a week ago and it has not moved.  I have seen it several times in the
    same position.
    My guess is that it is a military comsat of some sort.  Any ideas??
    Brian K. Hunter,                              Department of Chemistry
    Professor                                        Queen's University
    bkh@chem.queensu.ca                 Kingston, Ontario
    (613)-533-2620                               Canada   K7L 3N6
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