Cosmos 975 flash times tonight an UARS brightness of MIR

Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 09:30:19 PDT

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    Check please for flashes from this rocket.
    Cosmos 975 Rocket(The following times are Cosmos 975 Rocket and maybe UARS.
    Leo Barhorst=22:42:54/87 degress in the west.
    Ed Cannon= 21:58:08-72 degress east.Also look for UARS flare 22:12 42*east.
    John Gardner Jr.=20:25:00 42 degrees in the east.UARS flare 20:34 75*NE    Don Gardner=20:25:04 42 degress in the east.UARS flare 20:23:52 77* NE.    Ruben Velasco=21:38:38 37 degress in the east.UARS flare 21:45:46 52*NE.   Sue Worden=same times as Ed Cannon.                                          
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