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From: Tom Kreyche (
Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 08:00:30 PDT

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    Your program looks great...nice work! Runs fast, not too much memory,
    necessary features.
    I don't have an LX200 but have been looking closely at buying one for both
    satellite observation and general astronomy. A couple of questions:
    Was the scope designed to slew this fast on a continuous basis? I imagine it
    was designed to goto other parts of the sky for more traditional viewing. So
    this begs the question of whether it can keep up kind of activity for a
    sustained period of time without overheating, wearing out gears, motors,
    etc. Does the pointing accuracy degrade over time as a function of how much
    it is used for this purpose? If they start showing wear, can the drive
    mechanisms be rebuilt? What about warranties from Meade?
    I know you're not a Meade rep but thanks in advance!
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    From: Brent Boshart []
    Sent: Saturday, June 03, 2000 8:25 AM
    Subject: Freeware for Satellite tracking
    Please see my homepage for free
    satellite tracking software.
    Interfaces to Meade LX200 and can do smooth continuous tracking!
    Uses SGP4/SDP4 orbital model calculations.
    Predicts passes.
    Couple of mapping options.
    Brent Boshart
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