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    Hello,i forgot to introduce myself.My name is Kevin Douglas James
    Martin and I am 25 yrs old.I live in Norco,California.My hobbies are
    satellite observing and making logs of what I see.I have a 16"LX200
    Meade telescope with a laptop computer with a satellite software 
    called C-sat.C-sat is a satellite tracking software that tracks the
    satellites in my telescope.i remember on a Larcrose pass by I boosted the power up to 98x while the scope was still following it.At 98x,i was able
    to see the solar panels.Get this,On an iridium passage by a -4
    magnitude,I almost got blind,it was that bright.I saw the MMA through
    the scope,and as it got brighter,I saw the earth and the sun reflecting in its mirrors.Looking back on the video I took of it from a standard
    video camera,the flare was a stunning royal blue color.I think it was cause by the reflecting ocean in the mirrors cause i live 50 miles from one.
    I'm also A storm chaser in the summer.
    Happy Skies!
    kevin Martin
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