Accurate Timings

From: Patrick (
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 15:22:18 PDT

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    I've been trying to make accurate timings of satellites for a while, and I
    can't figure out how you guys do it.  The closest I can get is about two or
    three seconds, because I have to look down at my stopwatch and then back up
    at the satellite, which takes some time.  So my question is, what's your
    strategy?  I keep seeing messages from people, like this snip from Ed
    Cannon, that are timed to within tenths of a second, and I want to be able
    to do the same!:
    >It and Milstar 3 came very close to one another at about 2:50:51.6 UTC.
    Thanks for your help everyone!
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