Element Manager V 1.2.4 Uploaded

Rick von Glahn (rickvg@iex.net)
Fri, 18 Jun 1999 19:47:57 -0600

I've uploaded the latest version of Element Manager to:


Bearing in mind the comments on Line0, I have added the visual data and
radar cross section as I originally proposed. IE: vis data per
Molczan/McCants format and the radar cross section starting in column 40 and
running 9 columns long to column 48. I believe this keeps me out of others

HOWEVER, the program does use an external file to hold this data and you
need not save the file with that data if you wish to keep this area of a
Line0 blank. Of course, you will not be able to preserve any underlying data
should you wish to sort on radar cross section or visible magnitude.

For details on how this works see:

http://www.eoss/org/elementmanager/mainscreen.htm or

Another new selection criteria, the International Launch Designator. You can
select out by year, launch numbers and pieces. So, you could look for all
the primary (launch piece "A") launches in 1966 if you wished. And you can
select out all elements of a particular launch by selecting a particular
year and launch number. Whatever...

With the ability to search on more terms it was necessary to redesign the
layout of the selection screen:


Also some counter intuitive stuff on the selection screen has been cleaned
up. The Activate All toggle button has been replaced with a deactivate all
button. That's all it does. With so many selections possible, I thought it
best to have a guaranteed way to turn off all selections. The "Clear All
Selections" button now behaves in a somewhat more expected manner. Click it
and everything selection is made inactive and ALL values return to their
defaults. The difference between this button and deactivate ALL, ??, the
Deactivate all leaves all values intact just turns them off.

There was a bug that caused the program to crash when run in a different
regional setting than English when opening the Tracking Screen. That's

Other stuff check out the version.htm page above for a full roundup.

Other minor cosmetic changes to move toward added intuitiveness.

That's it!

73 -- Rick

PS. I can strip out all the detail in the radar cross section as Phil Rogers
suggests. Suggestions welcome. I just thought that since this feature was
added specifically for a radar observer, he might want that level of detail
retained so he could have access to the full reference data.