Re: Is this addition to line0 OK?

Phil Rogers (
Fri, 18 Jun 1999 04:43:28 -0400

Bjoern Gimle wrote:
>I mentioned 4 lines, but did not suggest 4 line elsets!

Yes, I realized that it was not a suggestion of a 4 card elset and was
only trying to point out the continued growth of the elset size that
was beginning to close in on its former size. 

>Rick said he needed RCS for sorting, and I suggested temporarily
>adding the fourth line for sort data, then removing this during
>sort final output.
>For semi-permanent object data I prefer a reference data file that
>is maintained independently of elsets, and used by programs for
>selecting objects, computing magnitudes,....
>This should also include one or more "flag characters" a la Quicksat,
>so users can affix their own classifications/priorities to objects,
>rather than repeating this info on every elset file.

I think the concept of such a reference file is the best idea yet
and indeed one which should be capable of replacing line zero entirely.
I don't believe that there is any information contained there which
is not constant.

Phil Rogers