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Hi All,
This mixup with the keps was the case shortly after the launch, however this
mixup was fixed early this year (or maybe last year) by NORAD and the
correct object for FASAT-B is definately 25395.

I track FASAT-B daily here and maintain it's attitude control systems.  I
can confirm that at present the satellite is spinning around the Z axis at
0.6 deg/s and is nadir pointing +/- 2 degrees with a 1 degree roll bias due
to the boom.

TechSat is very similar size.  I was involved with the integration of
FASAT-B and TMSAT-1 onto the RESURS satellite prior to launch and also say
TechSat being integrated.

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Hi All,

Just a quick remark on FASAT-B.  I was contacted early this year by
a gentleman working at the Chilean Satellite Ground Station, asking
about the visibility of their satellite.  He informed me that the dimensions
were 65 x 35 x 35 cm, with a 6-meter boom -- more or less in agreement
with an earlier post.  However, he indicated that while FASAT-B is
1998-043B/25395, USSPACECOM has confused it with TECHSAT 1B,
which is 1998-043D/25397.  FASAT-B's elements actually appear
under 25397 (and presumably TECHSAT's are under 25395).  If
TECHSAT 1B is the larger of the two, that may explain why it was
easier to observe than expected.  --Rob