Thu, 17 Jun 1999 01:18:35 -0600 (MDT)

Thanks to the earlier posts about these objects i scanned for them and this
is what i saw:

Given the poor lighting conditions at this time of year i had to use my
10x50s. At 05:45 17 Jun UTC i spotted a faint flash along the projected path
of FASAT-B #25395 1998-043B , travelling the same direction so i am guessing
it was FASAT-B. I tried tracking it further with my binocs but no luck with
the lighted sky. A short time later, TECHSAT 1B #25397 1998-043D was to come
by at 05:50 17 Jun UTC. I waited and i picked up a 1x flash, approx mag 3. I
looked with my 10x50s but couldn't pick anything up and switched back to 1x.
A few moments later a brighter flash, mag 2.5 was seen along the path that
TECHSAT 1B was following. Several seconds later a third flash, mag 2 and
then just above the roof of my house a 4th flash was seen. The timing and
track indicates it was TECHSAT 1B being the second object i saw. I was busy
watching to get accurate timings.

Glbalstr 22 r1 #25653U 99012E was late, at 06:08:04 17 Jun UTC +/- 2 sec it
passed about 3 degrees below Rasalgethi (Az 150). It was predicted to be at
Az 185 at 06:05:22 17 Jun UTC. This elset was used:

Glbalstr 22 r1   5.0  0.0  0.0  5.0 d
1 25653U 99012E   99161.52299662  .00318016  31972-4  12065-2 0  1105
2 25653  51.9674 181.3922 0355286  17.7153 343.5845 15.30766189 13253

I looked for Starshine but due to the lighting conditions i could not get a
firm flash indication to time. I waited for ISS to arrive but it too was
late by a minute or two. 

Anyway, my thanks to those for reporting the Obs and other info on these and
other objects, namely the covers of Irid 14A.