Re: Is this addition to line0 OK?

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Wed, 16 Jun 1999 08:48:57 +0200

Adding data after col.40 is of little use if you employ elsets from many
like OIG and Mike McCants' other files, without any info beyond col.14 (?),
Alan Pickup and Dave Ransom/ORBITEL with apogee x perigee in 50-63..
(which is also very useful)

I always felt that having the "static" size/RCS/magnitude in a separate
file, used
by prediction programs, like QuickSat.mag and SkyMap's satmag.dat, is more
useful, so you could get good results also from raw files from these other

Of course if you keep this separate database, and add the info to ALL
it is still a good idea.

If you need it just for sorting, you could add it beyond col.70, or on a
fourth line,
and remove it during final sort output.

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>RE: The dimensions of the data field, well, that's the way the data are
>formatted in this report, so I thought I'd just pass it along. I may supply
>a data file with this information in the release supporting this feature,
>but, the program will read the "Situation Report" directly and add the data
>to the existing elements loaded into Element Manager as well as update a
>data file that will contain the Molczan/McCants vis data along with the
>radar cross section. This way, anyone can keep current without having to
>depend on me to provide a data file.