Re: Is this addition to line0 OK?

Phil Rogers (
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 23:10:54 -0400

>I'm adding another feature to Element Manager and have a question for the
>2line experts out there.
>I've been asked to add sorting capabilities on the radar cross section of
>satellites. This information is available at OIG in the "Satellite Situation
>Report". I need to import the radar cross sections of satellites into two
>line elements.
>My thinking is that I will place that data in the 40th column of line0 right
>after the visual magnitude info provided by Molczan/McCants. So:
>ALOUETTE 1       0.9  1.1  0.0  8.2 d  xxxx.xxxx
>1 00424U 62B-A  1 90 25.21309753  .00000220  00000-0  25410-3 0  2561
>2 00424  80.4628  67.0294 0022286 281.5113  78.3546 13.67284761363155
>the x's on line0 would hold this value.
>Thanks -- Rick

I think that this would make a very good addition to line zero in a very
appropriate location. My own orbital program currently stores RCS values
but lacks an input source such as this so I will adopt whatever format
you choose.

Are your values listed in square meters or in DBSM? Peak or average?
Experience shows that no satellite's RCS exceeds 100 dbsm while others
do have negative values. Additionally, measurement to less than a tenth
dbsm is difficult so if quoted in dbsm, a more representative format
would be xxx.x offering  a range of +99.9 to -99.9 dbsm. If values are
listed in square meters a single (or at most two) decimal place(s)
should be sufficient although you may need a greater number of leading
decimal digits. If your requestor is dealing with RCS, then they are
probably more accustomed to dealing with dbsm than with square meters
as is the case with myself, however, I believe that dbsm values are
frequency dependent (most commonly quoted for C Band) whereas square
meters are not.

Phil Rogers