Re: Long March observed?

Tony Beresford (
Sat, 12 Jun 1999 14:01:36 +0930

At 08:55 12/06/99 , Gunnar Glitscher wrote:

>Date: June 11, 1999, Time: 21:50 UT +-2 minutes (sorry, no better timing 
>possible because of circumstances), Location: Darmstadt-Eberstadt, Germany,
>+49.9N,8.6E, 120m.
>Is it possible that we observed the Long March upper stage of todays Iridium
>launch before its reentry?? Are there more passes over Europe before reentry?

Gunner, the newly laumched iridiums are in POLAR orbit, therefore not much
East west motion. They were visible somewhat later in the evening,
about 23:40 UT . The rocket being at a lower height was only sunlit
low in the NE. 
The perigee of the rocket is over 200Km , it will be a few weeks before it decays.
Tony Beresford