Re: alldat.tle with Skymap

Richard Fredrick (
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 00:42:10 -0500

Hi Quinn,

I just tried running Skymap with alldat.tle and had no problems with it.
Please give me more information on what your type of computer you're
running. I generally try to avoid using a huge file like alldat unless
I'm looking for something obscure; for everyday use I prefer an elements
file that will return just one object when I type in the word "MIR". wrote:
> I keep getting 'divide by zero' errors that terminate Skymap when running
> predictions with Molczan's allday.tle   Has this problem been reported
> before?  If so is there a way to fix it?  Is it just because the file is so
> large?
> Quinn McCleery



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