Delta II/Globalstar Launch; Stardust video

Huston, Stuart L (
Wed, 9 Jun 1999 09:58:28 -0700

Boeing officials secured a Delta II rocket carrying four communications
satellites at 7 a.m., and scrubbed today's launch attempt when inclement
weather moved into the local area here. 

To increase the chances of avoiding inclement weather tomorrow, the launch
team from Boeing, Space Systems/Loral and Globalstar is preparing to support
two launch windows tomorrow. The 3-minute windows open at 9:48 a.m. EDT and
12:35 p.m. EDT respectively.  [1999/06/10 13:48 UT and 1999/06/11 04:35 UT]

The team will decide which window to target approximately 75 minutes before
the first window opens, prior to loading liquid oxygen on the rocket. Boeing
will post the results of that decision on the Boeing Launch hotline, (714)
896-4770 once it is made. 

Since the ground track will nearly parallel the U.S. east coast, observers
there may have a nice view if the later window is chosen.

Also, if you haven't already seen it, Boeing has a neat video of the
February launch of Stardust at
It's from the DeltaCam looking down the vehicle, from launch through Stage
I/II separation.

Stu Huston