Observation of STS96 or Starshine?

J. Kocijanski (kocis@catskill.net)
Sun, 6 Jun 1999 09:23:59 +0100

Hello.  I think I observed STS 96 or Starshine at around 3:30 AM EDT on
6/6.  The first object passed to the northeast through The Great Square.
Was it STS 96 or Starshine?  According to my tracking program and elsets it
could have been either.  They should have passed through the Great Square
at almost the same time.  It was as bright as any of the stars in Pegasus.
A second object  passed through Aquarius going east (less than a minute
later).  It started out very bright and then faded as it passed closer to
the moon.  It faded dramatically.  Enough so that I had to use binoculars
to see it.  Was this STS 96, Starshine, or something else?  It didn't match
the time or path for STS96 and Starshine accoeding to my information.

John Kocijanski
41 35 N
74 40W