Babylon 1 seen

Philip Chien (
Tue, 1 Jun 1999 12:01:59 -0400

I saw Babylon 1 a/k/a ISS on Tuesday morning at 5:02 am Eastern (9:02 UT).
Very nice overhead pass.  While I've seen it several times before, this was
my first opportunity while there's a crew onboard.  (STS-88 was when there
were no visible passes in my area).

Unfortunately an earlier opportunity with Babylon 1 and STS-96 as separate
objects chasing each other across the sky was clouded out.

It's been 193 days 3 hours and an odd number of minutes since FGB was
launched last year.

BTW - for those of you who care for what I do for a living (and yes, it is
satellite viewing related), check out the following URLs for stories which
appeared in the hometown paper of one of the astronauts on this shuttle
flight -

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