EarlyBird at 1x

ROB MATSON (Mir16609@aol.com)
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 00:15:32 EDT

Hello All.

EarlyBird 1 (#25123) was visible at 1x (at about a + 3.0 mag) for about 10
seconds this evening.  From 23:13:50 to 23:14:00 EDT (03:13:50 to 03:14:00 UT)
it was plainly visible.  It gradually dimmed to about a +5.5 and disappeared
into the haze {Haze entry?   :-)}  I suppose that the brightness of EarlyBird
will vary as the brightness of the Hubble.   Depending on it's orientation it
may vary several magnitudes. 

Iridium 70 gave a nice -3 flare about 10 degrees above Spica at 23:40:51 EDT
(03:40:51 UT).

Don Gardner
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76.8419 W, 39.1796 N,  34m ASL