Re: Resurs O1 delayed

Philip Chien (
Wed, 24 Jun 1998 00:45:58 -0400

Just got the following notice from the TMSat team -

>The TMSAT launch has been delayed again - this time for a longer period (10
>to 14 days).  The satellites must now be demated from the rocket and the
>batteries charged, which will take time.

VideoCosmos <> (Igor) said:

>I doubt if elsets exist but one can try to generate these assuming
>launch pad at 46N, 68E, launch azimuth of 192 deg (southern
>path - BTW, it overflies the city of Baikonur a minute after liftoff).

You know - this is asking for trouble ....
"Honest - we thought that the rockets were reliable enough"

>The final orbit of 98.5 deg, 835 km is to be achieved half-orbit
>after launch. Launch time is June 24, 05:48 UTC.
>I've got some doubts on orbital height: previous launches went to
>98 deg, 650 km. But the 835 km figure is what I was told.

Can we split the difference?  TMSat (one of the secondaries) is supposed to
go in to an 823 km. orbit

>On Dec 28, 1995 at 06:45 UTC, Indian IRS-1C was launched from
>Baikonur into similar, slightly lower orbit.

Actually a better choice for an initial orbit would be the previous
Resurs-O1 1 launched on Nov 4, 1994.  It was also a Zenit-2 launch vehicle
(I believe IRS-1C was a Soyuz) and presumably had a similar ascent profile.
I don't have the international ID or serial number for that mission though.

>The five payloads other than Resurs O1 #4 are minor ones but
>probably can be seen. Happy observing!

I doubt it, there's all very small in the microsat category.

Here's the Surrey web site for TMSat -

FASat-Bravo is another 50 kg. class UoSat
SAFIR-2 is 60 kgs.
IRIS-1 is 40 kgs.
Techsat-2 is 70 kgs.

all fairly small secondaries.

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