Interbol 2 Molniya rocket; Cosmos 2347

Eric Vondra (
Tue, 23 Jun 1998 22:26:28 -0400

Observed the Interbol 2 Molniya rocket (96 050D, #24294)
tonight (6/23) steady at 0.5 mag. Was brightest at about 50
degrees elevation in SE, then faded while still up about 30
degrees in the NE.

Cosmos 2347 (97 079A, #25088) was an accidental sighting for
me on 6/21. Mag was steady at 0.0. I see the apogee is 420km
and perigee is 403km. I observed this sat in December at 4.5
mag. Was the orbit lowered since then, or did I just get a
more favorable angle on it this time?

Eric Vondra
Wampum, PA, USA
40.8538N 80.3292W, 200m