Re: More flashes (Iridium 20, Raduga 33, NOAA 7, Spot 3)

Robert Smathers (
Sun, 21 Jun 1998 22:41:43 -0600 (MDT)

Ed Cannon wrote:
> Raduga 33 (23794, 96-10A) -- a -2 flash at 2:31:37 (or 41) and a 
> +1 flash at 2:31:50 (or 54)

is there any way to predict the flashes for Raduga 33?  I've
gone out many evenings looking in the area and haven't seen flashes
from Raduga.

I'm getting to the point that it has to be something that occurs
around a particular time (not just randomly).  It also brings up
the question on how to compute timings of flashing satellites like
this one and like the Superbird A flasher Rob Matson was posting about
a few months ago.   

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