Re: satwk24 report from OIG

Tony Beresford (
Sat, 20 Jun 1998 03:22:04 +0900

At 11:51 19/06/98 -0500, Mike McCants wrote:
>Note that this report was 2 (working) days late.  I obtain these
>reports from the BBS that will be shut down on June 30.  So there
>may be only one or two more reports available before June 30.
In fairness the the OIG contractors, I wish to point out that
a registered user can obtain this report from the OIG web site.
First one has to configure ones "home page" to show the report
category. Then one asks for the satellite catalog action report.
One can then get weekly or monthly summaries of information
as in the weekly satellite reports that Mike has been uploading
for some years.
Tony Beresford