Re: Provision of Orbital Data

Tony Beresford (
Fri, 19 Jun 1998 21:44:44 +0900

At 10:43 18/06/98 -0500, Mike McCants wrote:
>I have discovered that the full 8000+ tle elsets are available
>in the STK ftp area.  Apparently this "database" is updated
>once a week.  
>The "PC" path is:
I queried Analytic Graphics about the source of the database,
and got this reply

>Dear Mr. Beresford,

>The database information Analytical Graphics uses is updated from a source
>that has a contract with Norad.
So one can assume they have permission to distribute,
and I do have STK on my machine.
incidentally web page actually says its updated 3 times a week.
Tony Beresford