FW: Provision of Orbital Data

Eric Thayer (eht@cs.cmu.edu)
Thu, 18 Jun 1998 15:14:34 -0400

In addition, there is a description of the file formats contained in the
tar/zip file files Mike mentions below in:


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I have discovered that the full 8000+ tle elsets are available
in the STK ftp area.  Apparently this "database" is updated
once a week.  The following paths are on the STK web page
under "Satellite database".  Then pick Unix or PC.  Then pick
stkAllTLE for STK 4.0.

The "PC" path is:


This zip file contains 6 files totalling 3.4 Megs.  The file with
the suffix "tce" is 8000+ elsets totaling 1.1 Megs.  This file has
a time stamp of June 15 at 9:43AM.  There is only one tle for each
object.  The file consists of 8199 tles in "2-line" form - there is
no "name line" before each tle.  The file with the suffix "sd" is 14479
lines of NCat, Name, Country, Inclination, etc.  Many objects have
"duplicate" entries.

The "Unix" path is:


This gets a compressed file (use Unix "uncompress") which produces
a Unix "tar" file (use Unix "tar xf") which creates the same 6 files.
The Unix files do not have DOS "CR" characters at the end of each line.

Mike McCants