Thu, 18 Jun 1998 08:21:08 -0400

Tony Beresford wrote:
> Fellow seesaters,
> It is obvious that somebody has to apply to NASA headquarters
> to be a super user and to state quite honestly that they will
> be redistributing the elements from a Web/FTP site. This will at
> least establish whether it is NASA policy to restrict complete
> unclassified sets to individuals. One can point
> out that this will reduce the traffic from private individuals
> to the OIG web site in the medium term, and is what the internet is
> good at.
>  It seems to me best that US citizens apply as they would be less
> likely to be rejected,and that two or three apply ( mentioning the others), so the
> any distribution system  has some backup and slack allowing
> for holidays and illness. I would apply myself, if somebody would
> tell me to whom but i have the feeling my 10year record of
> lacrosse tracking might possibly go against me!
> Tony Beresford

As I understand it, the "Super User" status in Unix-type multiuser
operating systems has the highest level of permissions in such a system.
A super-user can change passwords, permissions, user profiles and even
program code.  The status is usually reserved to top-level programmers
and network administrators and is not likely to be granted to outsiders
for any good reason that I can possibly imagine.
This idea of asking to become a Super User could be a big dead end
although it may be possible for someone in the group to be awarded a
level of permissions somewhere between SU and Public.
Any other comments?
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"Nietzsche is dead."  --God