OIG access

Tony Beresford (starman@camtech.net.au)
Thu, 18 Jun 1998 20:01:02 +0900

Fellow seesaters,
It is obvious that somebody has to apply to NASA headquarters
to be a super user and to state quite honestly that they will
be redistributing the elements from a Web/FTP site. This will at
least establish whether it is NASA policy to restrict complete
unclassified sets to individuals. One can point
out that this will reduce the traffic from private individuals
to the OIG web site in the medium term, and is what the internet is
good at.
 It seems to me best that US citizens apply as they would be less 
likely to be rejected,and that two or three apply ( mentioning the others), so the 
any distribution system  has some backup and slack allowing
for holidays and illness. I would apply myself, if somebody would
tell me to whom but i have the feeling my 10year record of
lacrosse tracking might possibly go against me!
Tony Beresford