Iridium flare predication software

Sankaranarayanan K. V. (
Wed, 17 Jun 1998 14:27:15 +0000


I am a new subscriber to the SeeSat mailing list.
I work as a software engineer at Bangalore, India
and I am quite new to observing satellites.
My other interests include computational astronomy.

I used Iridflar 1.61 and the GSOC WWW site for predictions
for Bangalore (12.98N, 77.58E, UTC+5.5) for the next
week -- June 17th to 24th.

But they gave me disjoint results.
Iridlar predicted two flares:
one on 19th 6:42am by Ir 14 and the other
    on 20th 6:51pm by Ir 53.

But the GSOC site predicted only one flare on 19th
but for Ir 13 (not 14 as predicted by Iridflar) at 6:57pm.

(I made sure that the elsets used are the same.)

What could be the reasons for this?

I have yet to see an Iridium flare --
monsoon clouds and rains hamper clear skies --
but trying everyday.



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