Correction Re: More flashes from #24871 (Iridium 20aka18)

Frank Reed (
Mon, 15 Jun 1998 13:34:26 -0700

Oops!  I can't seem to read my own hand-written notes.

The time (1998 Jun 15 05:03:24 UTC) reported in my post earlier today was
in error (too early) by five minutes.  The corrected post follows:

----- begin corrected message -----
1998 Jun 15 05:08:24 UTC +- 2 seconds

Last of 7 flashes of NORAD24871 (Iridium 20aka18) sighted.  First flash
about mag. 0 followed by 5 flashes about mag. -1 followed by 1 flash about
mag. 0.  I clocked 5 periods in 4.69 seconds, computed average period =
0.938 seconds.  Others have recently reported double flashing episodes
separated by about 1 1/2 minutes.  I stopped looking after seeing the
flashes noted above so I may have missed a 2d episode.
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 My thanks to Jari <> who wrote:
>I saw only 2 flashes of Iridium 20/18 last night, one a -1 and the other was
>at least -4. However the time of Iridium 20/18 passing at my location was at
>05:02:29 UTC (i didn't check my watch but the time period was within 30
>seconds or so). It was seen at a bearing of about 250 degrees. Going with my
>time of 05:02:29 and your time of 05:03:24 does that mean that it took only
>about a minute for Iridium 20/18 to transit from my location, 54.25N 110.11W
>to yours, 33.484N 111.898W, a distance of approx 2,150 km?

- Frank

-- Frank Reed
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA  111.898W  33.484 N  1227 feet