#24871 (Iridium 18aka20) flasher sighted, 2 passes

Frank Reed (f-reed@metabien.com)
Sun, 14 Jun 1998 12:50:37 -0700

I saw flashes from Iridium 18 aka 20, NORAD#24871, on two passes last evening:

Several flashes at regular time intervals of about 1 second, but irregular
brightness pattern, were seen from 1998-Jun-14 04:01:05 to 04:01:10 to the
east around AZ 75, EL 35. The brightest flashes were about mag. -1.

Later the same evening several flashes in a similar pattern from the same
satellite were seen from 05:42:15 to 05:42:23 +- 2 seconds low in the west
around AZ 270, EL 20, the brightest about mag. 0.

After the flashes were seen on the first pass above, I turned my eyes to
the west to see a nice overhead pass of MIR.

-- Frank Reed
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA  111.898W  33.484 N  1227 feet