vsohp ftp site

Neil Clifford (clifford@astro.ox.ac.uk)
Sun, 14 Jun 1998 18:32:13 +0100 (BST)

The VSOHP ftp site ftp.satellite.eu.org is 'alive' once more after being
somewhat out of my reach and consequently rotting.

The site has moved to a new machine and undergone a little 'summer
clean'. The afit mirror has been replaced with a celestrak one and all
the usual elements sets and utilities are available. In addition Phillip
Clark is kindly uploading his GD master tle files. You'll find them
appearing at


A chance for me to say many thanks to Phillip for making these available
to the whole community.

At the moment the only incomplete mirror is that of Dave Ransom's site
(where you'll find most of Phillip's files). This is partly down to lack
of disk space (Dave has quite a few files!). The solution is at hand
though - I'm due to take delivery of some new disks in a few days.

Happy browsing.

Neil Clifford * Oxford Starlink Computer Manager * clifford@astro.ox.ac.uk