ETS-6 observation- June 12

Tony Beresford (
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 22:07:18 +0900

In the half hour or so between astronomical twilight and 
cloud appearing, I managed to observe ETS-6 (9456A)  flashing
between 0845 and 0913UT June 12. Close to beta librae in sky
from -34.97,138.6317E. Some flashes up to beta lib in brightness,
most a magnitude or so fainter. Timed 5 sets of 89 flashes,
and 8 sets of 10 flashes to give period at 0900Ut June 12
as 17.6648 seconds +/- .0007 seconds. My last obs on May 20
gave period as 18.412 seconds.
Tony Beresford