Fri, 12 Jun 1998 03:43:43 -0400 wrote:
> And yes, I have downloaded the large elsets available at JPL's FTP site
> maintained by Dave and it works fine. Now I have to figure out what
> software is out there to let me group all the elments into elsets of my
> liking.

I have a dozen different groupings and I update them once a week in a
minute using alldat.  What else is needed?

>Phillip Clark
>I will start off by repeating the comment made in my response to Jeff's 
>posting: is there a convenient FTP site for SEESATers to which I can post 
>the files next week while Dave Ransom is away ?


>I have considered finding a trustworthy person to whom I can give my 
password so that if there is a problem here then that other person can
>alerted: I will give this more thought.   Goddard does advertise the 
policy that if an account is abused then it is terminated, which is why 
>the person would have to be trustworthy !

I think Mike can be considered trustworthy.

>These days I have an archive system which not only processes a TLE file 
into a central archive, but also extracts el sets for some dedicated 
archive files which I maintain (NAVSTAR, GLONASS, Oko, Molniya, geosynch 
>and others): using my 233 machine it takes around 15-20 minutes for a 
single file - and that is with software written in QBASIC: I am sure
>other languages could provide more efficient and thus faster code.

I don't understand why  it takes so long to update those files.  Have
you tried PassUpdate to refresh them in seconds rather than minutes?


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