Re: End of Universe Possibly Delayed

Kevin (
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 11:08:17 -0400

At 10:57 PM 6/9/98 +0100, you wrote:
>I have been reading the postings regarding the demise of OIG BBS and I am 
>pointing Mike in the direction of the complete update files which I post 
>to Dave Ransom's bulletin board five times a week.
>As a registered "super user" of OIG I have been able to access far larger 
>files than are normally available and these have been passed on to Dave 
>(STS ORBIT PLUS) Ransom who has posted them on his FTP site 
>FTP.DRANSON.COM and his web site WWW.DRANSOM.COM.   Originally the files 
>were thrice weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I was letting Dave 
>have GByymmdd.ZIP files to post: more recently the files are updated five 
>times a week, so are now named GDyymmdd.ZIP.   Any file will not contain 
>everything unclassified in orbit but over a period of around 7-10 days 
>you will get all of the element sets for all of the unclassified objects 
>in orbit.   Some objects are updated once a day, maybe twice a day, 
>others only once a week.
>Anyway, I hope that Mike can incorporate these files into what he puts 
>together after the demise of the bulletin board, but anyone can access 
>the files via Dave Ransom's on-line facilities.
>Happy number-crunching ........
>Phillip Clark

Using Phillip Clark's file GD980609.ZIP that I got from, and using a couple of other
software programs, I generated a update to the file found on
Mike's web site.
Go to the below link to get my updated file , and you will see
that the orbital elements for unclassified satellite's have be updated, to
what ever the newest epoch was in the file. The orbital
elements for the classified satillite's are also in this file but they are
not updated to a newer epoch since the OIG doesn't supply elements for them.

Thanks Phillip for supply the orbital elements you get as a "super user" to
me a non-super user of OIG.