OIG Element Limitations

Richard Fredrick (rfredric@tfs.net)
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 08:38:37 -0500

Hi All,

First, my apologies for sending the message I received from OIG this
morning as an attachment in my previous message. I have included their
response in the body of the present message:

The daily TLE query limit applies only for orbital objects which are not 
available in the Special Interest group listings.  The Special Interest 
groups contain listings for over one thousand (1,000) objects.  The TLE 
queries are provided to assist our users that have specific interests
are outside of the Special Interest groups.  We can accommodate a
number of high volume TLE users.  These high volume users must submit 
significant justification for their requirements and be approved by NASA 

Included in the special interest group is a amateur grouping of all
and amateur satellites.

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