Re: The sky really is going to fall on June 30
Wed, 10 Jun 98 12:34:12

--- On Tue, 09 Jun 1998 23:34:54 -0500  Richard Fredrick 
<> wrote in part:

>Maybe our messages to OIG will sway the administrators to allow special
>access to larger downloads for those who request them. In the event that
>such a campaign doesn't work, let's set up a system to continue to make
>the TLE lists available. If it becomes necessary, I am also willing to
>donate my time to downloading whatever segment of the Molczan list I
>would be assigned and forwarding the elements to Mike (and certainly
>others who need them.)

I've inquired to OIG on what I think will be the impact to the general 
user of satellite elements as I understand it. And, although I believe as 
a GROUP we could over-come the obstacles created by OIG, I think we need 
to wait and hear from some of the TLE providers who might monitor this 
list on the impact to them on providing elsets and the practicability of 
such an undertaking. Unless automated, It would be a labor intensive 
undertaking by the respective TLE providers. We also need questions put 
to and information from OIG as to what elements they may provide in-mass.

Short of that, no doubt in my mind, a coordinated effort by volunteers 
(15 volunteers or more X 100 elements) on this list could develop a 
multi-listing of potentially visible satellites that presently make up 
the molczan elset files (with the exception of US classified sats) 
although it wouldn't have all the information presently found there.

Jeff Hunt <>