Iridium 38, Discovery, Mir

Richard Fredrick (
Tue, 09 Jun 1998 22:39:47 -0500

Hello All,

Had an excellent magnitude -4.5 flare of Iridium 38 about 3 degrees
Northwest of Vega to start off with at 03:21 UT.

Very nice pass of Discovery and Mir starting about two minutes later.
They were approximately 40 degrees apart and Mir was considerably dimmer
than Discovery until just before it entered the Earth's shadow, when it
flared (glinted?) to around -2. Their pass took them past Polaris
(Discovery at 03:25 UT) on a NW to SE transit. Kind of nostalgic to
think that we won't get to see these light shows anymore...


Richard Fredrick
Fairway, KS USA
39.021N 94.637W