An Introduction to Myself

PN (
Tue, 9 Jun 1998 17:23:53 -0400

Hi there,

My name is Justin Allport. I live just outside of Toronto
Canada (sorry, I don't know the coords :). Thus far my observations
of satellites have been purely incidental, usually on those days
that I drive out to the country in order to better view meteorite

My newfound interest in this subject appeared a few weeks ago when
digging back through old S&T (that's Sky & Telescope, but you knew
that didn't you?) magazines. I came upon an article concerning
telescopic observations of satellites, showing some impressive

I am looking forward to viewing and photographing satellites,
especially MIR and the Shuttle. Unfortunately I'll have to wait
until the frigid cold of winter to observe the ISS when it goes
up in November (barring any further delays, of course :). It should
prove most interesting to monitor the its construction over the
coming years. 

I had always assumed that the actual structural details
of satellites were invisible to us here on earth, nevermind the 
fact that one could easily calculate that they are visible. :)
I find the subject fascinating and I am certainly interested in
learning more about how people accomplished this feat. I am also
interested in learning more concerning the computer algorithms
that can derive position, etc. from those cryptic
(to me at least) TLE data. 

I am a half-way decent programmer, so I think I would be able to 
understand that side of it fairly well, and I think I have at
least a rudimentary understanding of eliptical orbits. My goal,
though it may be a bit premature, is to one day photograph the
structure of a satellite. Too lofty a goal? :) Anyway...

Thanks for the wonderful opportunity.