RE: The sky really is going to fall on June 30
Tue, 9 Jun 98 20:45:21

--- On Tue, 9 Jun 1998 15:01:58 -0500 (CDT)  Mike McCants 
<> wrote:

>My scripts don't work right today because the OIG BBS system
>has a new message on the front:
>* The support for this bulletin board will be discontinued on 30 June 
>1998!  *

>I can fix my scripts for today, but they aren't going to work at all
>after June 30.  And the web server is limited to 100 element sets
>for one user per day.

Do you think a write-in to OIG would do any good? Surely, OIG must 
realize the impact this will have on the observing community. 

This means the end of TLE resources on the NET that produce weekly and 
other frequently grouped elsets (given the existing restrictions on the 
OIG web site). Am I correct?

Do you think there is anything the "user" can do?

June 30 will certainly be a sad day for the visual satellite enthusiast.

Jeff Hunt <>