Mir/STS-91 sighting

Ron Vitale (mohan@op.net)
Mon, 8 Jun 1998 23:13:50 -0400

This is my first post and I wanted to share with everyone my first satellite
sighting.  Tonight at 22:53 EDT I saw MIR and STS-91 fly overhead at a maximum
elevation of 57 degrees.  My location is 40.06 N and -75.05 W.  MIR was ahead
of Discovery by several seconds and even though I live in Philadelphia with
all its city lights I was surprised at how bright it was.

For other first time satellite observers out there, it was a lot easier to
view than I had thought.  If I could see MIR and STS-91 from the city with
hazy skies, that's not bad!