Re:A modest proposal

Mon, 08 Jun 98 14:17:50 -0500

Actually, Mike McCants seems to have taken this matter into consideration and
adopted some slightly more descriptive "common" identifiers in the elements that
he posts on his Web page. These help differentiate between the known tumblers,
those suspected of having attitude control problems, those still being
manuevered to operational altitudes, and those which USSPACECOM has mixed up. 
Mike's system works for me... :-)


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Subject:    A modest proposal 
Author: <>
Date:       08-Jun-98 11:00 AM

The last two messages on Seesat-L concerned Iridium
18.  Or was it Iridium 20?  There is some confusion
here and I would like to propose a solution.  In the
case where the USSPACECOM name does not match that
given by Iridium LLC (or whoever), list the USSPACECOM
name first and some short version of the true name
in parentheses.  So:

Iridium 18 (SV20)
Iridium 46 (SV24)

I have chosen the USSPACECOM name as the primary
identifier since that is the only name that most
of us can get our hands on.  The term SV (space
vehicle) is nice and short.

Any comments?